Choosing your moving boxes and equipment can be an exciting part of preparing for moving day. Every member of the family can have something to contribute to the process. Little kids love to scrunch up newspaper to make lightweight packing material, while older kids can help with labeling and taping boxes. With a little preparation, moving can be a real adventure for everyone.

Cheap Moving Boxes

Like traditional moving boxes, rental boxes are available in a few standard sizes to accommodate all of your belongings. Whether you need a small box for knick-knacks or a large wardrobe box for a closet full of clothes, it can be rented!

The amount of cheap moving boxes you need will ultimately depend on the size of your current home, as well as how many belongings you have. Generally speaking, you will probably need about 25 boxes for a small, one-bedroom apartment; 50 boxes for a 2 or 3 bedroom home; 75 boxes for a larger 3 or 4 bedroom home; and 100 boxes for a 5-plus bedroom home. If you have multiple people sharing a bedroom, you will want to add about 25 boxes for each additional occupant.

Cardboard Boxes

When you develop a system for labeling and organizing your boxes, you will save time during the move-in process. Don’t be tempted to take shortcuts by combining items from different rooms into one single box. If you have a wide selection of different cardboard boxes, you will be able to pack stray items into a small box without disrupting your system. Once again, a little work now can save you trouble at later stages. Whatever organizing and labeling method you choose, be sure to stick with it, and let your family and friends know about it as they help you prepare for the big day.

Box Rental

As convenient as box rental is, you will still need a variety of other packing supplies. You probably already know that you will need to have bubble wrap, packing peanuts and appliance blankets on hand; but there are a number other packing supplies that are easy to overlook. You will also want to have some of the following supplies readily available to make your moving day a bit less stressful.

• Leather work gloves to prevent painful blisters and make it easier to lift furniture and boxes.
• Sheets of plywood can be used to create stability in the truck. It can also be sued to make a level surface above awkward items allowing you to stack a rental box or two above something like a riding lawnmower.

Large coolers can be used to preserve the perishable items from a refrigerator during a short distance move. You might also want to keep one stocked with cold drinks for everyone who is helping you move.

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