Tips for Easy and Smooth Office Move

An office relocation can either be an exciting or stressful experience. If you are only a couple of days away from the scheduled move, it can get pretty hectic and tedious. The thought of moving and hauling stuff around can be overwhelming, especially if you have your own workload to think about. Here are some tips to help make your office move stress-free and worry-free.

Plan Ahead

The trick is to plan the move ahead of time. Consider all the angles so that you can devise a strategy that could help you ease into your new office. You can hire office or corporate relocation specialists who can help engineer the move so that you can settle into your new space smoothly. Whatever works for you, be sure to draw up a relocation plan at least six months to a year before the big date.

Think About What To Pack

Make a checklist of the things that you need to pack for the move. A good tip is to start packing the stuff that you need the least, or, stuff that you do not often use at the office. You can leave your packed boxes unsealed for a while and have them stocked at your current office so that you will have easy access to its contents when needed. It is also wise to do an inventory of all the things that you plan to haul out, and then re-check them once they have been transferred to the new office.

Use Durable Plastic Boxes

Moving and hauling stuff around is already stressful, especially if it involves heavy things. Using durable plastic moving boxes can help alleviate the tiresome packing. Rent A Moving Box is one of the best places to rent eco-friendly office moving boxes in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas. Their green rental moving boxes are not just cheap; they also take a lot of weight off of your moving problems.

Publicize The Move

Relocating to a different office means having a new address. Be sure to keep your loyal patrons up-to-date by letting them know about the move and the schedule when you are expected to move in. This will help you maintain your customers while keeping them from a lot of inconveniences.

Inform Your Employees

Let your employees know ahead of time about the move. If possible, give them a full day where they can clear their desk. Provide your employees with easy-to-use, durable, and eco-friendly moving boxes so that they can conveniently stash their personal items or any other desk or office materials that have not been packed yet.

Have Your IT Team Move In First

IT equipment such as servers, data cables, computers, phone lines, and networks can take the time to be set-up. It is a smart idea to let your IT team move into the office first so that everything will be in place when you make the official move.

Get Rid Of The Useless Stuff

Moving is often an opportunity to clear out the stuff at your office. Let go of any accumulating items that could take up a lot of space such as a pile of paperwork that is no longer useful or old equipment that is no longer being used. However, when you do dispose of these documents, be sure to cast them away with care. You might need to check them first to make sure that they do not contain confidential or sensitive information.

Have A Floor Plan

Whip up a floor plan so that you can ease into your new business office comfortably. Know where to place specific equipment and office furniture and assign someone to monitor and provide directions to your movers so that they will know exactly where to unload your moving boxes.

Handle Sensitive Data With Care

One thing that is commonly overlooked during a relocation is the security measure. While everyone is busy hauling things in and out, doors can be left unlocked, making it easy for outsiders to enter. Be sure to pack confidential and sensitive paperwork in a moving box that is properly sealed and do not forget to lock the office properly. It would also be a great idea to have security personnel to secure the place.

Moving into a better office does not have to be nerve-wracking just as long as you can plan ahead of time. Moreover, make sure to use convenient and easy-to-use materials for the office move. Happy Moving!