Santa Monica Moving Boxes

Don’t skimp on boxes. Even a small household will need a lot of moving boxes. Come up with an estimate and then multiply it by two! There are few things more frustrating than running out of usable boxes near the very end of the moving process and having to make a run to the store for more. If you end up with unused boxes at the end of the process, any responsible moving company will let you return them for a refund. Don’t forget to set aside a small number of boxes for the real last-minute items. There are a few things such as bedding, basic clothing, and household cleaning supplies which you are likely to be using until your very last hours in the house. They will all need boxes of their own.

Cheap Moving Boxes

Renting moving boxes is just like it sounds. Instead of purchasing moving boxes, you rent boxes for a fraction of the price. All you have to do is call a rental company a few weeks in advance and let them know how many boxes you will need and when you plan to start packing. They will deliver the cheap moving boxes right to your home or business. Once you have unpacked the contents of the boxes at your new residence, the company will pick them up. Both delivery and pick up are included in the rental price.

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are not the only supplies you’ll need to make your big move. You’ll also need plenty of markers, tape, padding, and labeling materials. Don’t skimp on padding, especially for fragile items such as dishes and glasses. It might seem frustrating to fit fewer dishes into a single box, but it is much more frustrating to have them arrive at your new location and find out that they have broken or cracked in transit. Bubble wrap, crumpled-up paper, and old newspaper are all popular padding choices. You will almost certainly need more of it than you think you might. Strong packing tape is also an important part of the moving process. It’s important to keep boxes closed securely by using plenty of tape in all directions. That’s one thing you don’t want to skimp on as you pack. Once again, consider making an estimate of how much you’ll need, then multiplying it by two. It’s easy to find a use for extra packing tape as you move out of your old home and into your new location.

Cardboard Boxes

Always be sure to choose boxes of the right size. Cardboard boxes are available in many different styles and dimensions. A fully packed box should never be too heavy to lift comfortably – and remember that you will be lifting your boxes at the end of a long day of moving! Most households will need a broad selection of different sizes. Large, soft, bulky items such as comforters and pillows can be packed in bigger boxes. Sheets and clothing can be packed in medium-sized boxes along with assorted household goods. Books should always go in small boxes whenever possible. Their weight adds up quickly and can make even a medium-sized box unmanageable on moving day. Kitchen appliances and dishes can also be very heavy, although they will need to be padded with light materials to protect them from harm before they are packed into cardboard boxes for moving.

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