Moving can be a daunting task. However, just like other tasks out there, it becomes easier with the right tools. Collect and arrange the important supplies prior to packing so that you can improve your experience and safeguard your things during the move.

Fret not because these supplies are affordable and available anywhere. So, consider preparing these six necessary pieces of stuff ahead of time:

Measuring Tools And Tapes

A measuring tape can greatly help you if you are relocating big furnitures such as mattresses and sofas. What you need to do is measure furniture’s and doorway’s dimension so that you can determine what will fit or won’t fit. Sometimes, you need to angle the furniture in several ways or simply disassemble to pass through the door. Measuring tape is also handy when you get to your new haven.

Eco-Friendly Plastic Moving Boxes

For individuals who are environmentally conscious, eco-friendly plastic moving boxes are the best alternative to the conventional brown cardboard boxes. Usually, these boxes are thick plastic containers with impressive durability. Choose a box rental service that can deliver the boxes at your doorstep and pick them up once you’re done using them.

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Wrapping Paper

Blank newsprint or white tissue paper can do the trick. Don’t use newspaper that can leave ink stains on your garments and other valuables. They are typically available from loading or packing supply companies. Through wrapping paper, you can safely cover fragile items right before packing them.

For breakable items and padding the bottom of your boxes, use bubble wrap. To save money, purchase it in large rolls. Then, you can simply cut the sheet every time you need them.

Permanent Marker

Don’t be tempted to just place the boxes in every room and begin packing up. However, when you are moving to a new place, being organized a bit goes a long way. Whether you like or not, you’ll surely forget where you put something as soon as you need it.

So, you’d better label every box with a permanent marker with a list of what’s inside. Doing this will save you from wasting your time and effort. Knowing what is in each box while you’re standing in a new house or apartment will make it quick and easy to find the essentials.


Work belt or back brace

Are you suffering from back problems? To prevent back injury while you’re busy, you may borrow or purchase a work belt or back brace. You can wear this around your abdomen or lower back to give back support every time you push or lift heavy objects.


Furniture straps or sliders

It’s worth to buy furniture sliders, as well as box straps that can save your floor and back from damage. Put the furniture sliders right under the legs of the couch, table, or bookshelf. This will assist you to relocate the furniture with ease. Plus, it won’t allow any damage to your flooring, particularly tiles or hardwood.

Likewise, you can place those furniture straps that sometimes come with durable handles around heavy furniture or moving boxes to aid in lifting.



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