Plastic is an inexpensive material that offers many different uses; thus, it became a need for most human beings. Alongside this fact, plastic has also become a primary means of pollution. Some of the threatening effects of plastic are the formation of mountains of garbage, as well as various micro beads problems. We can alleviate such problems through recycling; however, a lot of us still lack the knowledge on the correct process of recycling different types of plastic.

In order to efficiently recycle plastic, we have to keep in mind two important things- the type of plastic and the proper way of recycling such type.

Plastic No. 1- Polyethylene Terephthalate, PET

This is considered as the most common type of plastic, and it is also deemed as the easiest to recycle. Plastics labeled with number 1 include water bottles, soda bottles, as well as other typical product containers. Most recycling facilities convert these plastics as fiberfill for sleeping bags, life jackets, and coats. PET containers can also be recycled to ropes, beanbags, furniture, and combs. However, number 1 bottles should not be used as reusable bottles.

Plastic No. 2- High- Density Polyethylene Plastics, HDPE

Plastics labeled number 2 include containers that are usually heavier.  This type can hold milk, shampoo, laundry detergents and motor oil. These HDPE containers can be recycled into ropes, toys, and containers for other solids and inedible liquid.

Plastic No. 3- Vinyl, V

Polyvinyl chloride, or Vinyl, in short, is usually used in shower curtains, dashboards, plastic pipe, and medical tubing. These items labeled number 3 can be recycled into window frames, vinyl flooring, and piping.

Plastic No. 4- Low-Density Polyethylene, LDPE

Plastics categorized as number 4 or LDPE are usually made into flexible and thin materials like wrapping films, cling wraps, sandwich, grocery bags, as well as other packaging materials. These items can be recycled into storage bags and are really helpful, especially if you are moving or traveling. When brought to recycling facilities, they can be recycled into other materials, usually for packaging.

Plastic No. 5- Polypropylene, PP

Food containers, strong storage boxes as well as moving boxes are included in the plastic no. 5 group. They are made of Polypropylene, which when processed well is sturdy enough to hold various items. Plastic caps, plastic furniture, and other durable containers can be made when these plastics are recycled.

Plastic No. 6- Polystyrene, PS

If you are familiar with the so-called Styrofoam, then this type of plastic is a member of the number 6 group. Items like disposable cutlery, coffee cups, packing materials, and insulation plus meat trays are included in the PS family. When reprocessed, these materials can be converted into a rigid insulation. However, other materials, especially those that are foamy in quality can accumulate dirt and various contaminants. Therefore, they just end up being thrown away. This is the reason a lot of people are turning away from Styrofoam nowadays.

Plastic No. 7- Others

The items labeled number 7 are materials that are very difficult to recycle. Most of the time, they are the combination of the abovementioned types. Since they undergo a lot of processes and take a long time to recycle, they often end up in the trash or repurposed into other use.

Aware of the current condition of the environment, a lot of people are creating advocacies for recycling. Businesses are also turning towards the green movement and are offering better solutions that are both consumer and environment-friendly.

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