You read that correctly, $250 Million big ones. This Bel Air Spec home has it all!

With a 280-degree view of Los Angeles, you cant help but think that this is the “million dollar view”. Well, in all honestly, its going to cost you a lot more than a million dollars. Turns out this particular view is a tad more expensive.

This 38,000 square foot home has 4 levels 12 bedrooms, 21 baths, seven staffers, three gourmet kitchens, five bars, two commercial elevators, a massage studio/wellness spa, a fitness center and a James Bond-themed, 40-seat Dolby Theatre. What do you even do with 21 bathrooms? The main deck has an 85 foot Italian glass infinity pool with a view like you’ve never seen. It even boasts a hydraulic theater-sized screen at the flip of a switch. 

Below the main deck is an auto gallery with more that $30 million in cars that include a baby Formula 1, Lamborghini’s, Ferraris and Bentleys.

Next to the bowling alley there is a $200,000 candy wall that would blow Willy Wonka out of the water. Don’t forget a landing pad for your helicopter and Chanel bedding.

Are you ready to move to Bel-Air? Cash or check is accepted.