How To Move: The Eco-Friendly Way

More often than not, house relocation is time-consuming. Proper attention must be given to every aspect to ensure that your relocation will go smoothly. Unfortunately, most movers tend to forget that moving significantly impacts the environment.

Eco-friendly moving is as straightforward as modifying the way you pack your things and the way you transfer them. Consider protecting our planet when doing these things. Beyond hiring green movers, reading these eco-friendly tips can help you a lot:

Consider Greener Moving Boxes Or Bins

Bins or boxes play a significant role in an eco-friendly move. Contrary to your belief, they aren’t colored in green. Whether you want to look or purchase these boxes, at least spend some time thinking of the best green box alternatives and how they’ll affect the environment. When you’ve decided to purchase a new box, purchase only what you basically need.

Aside from purchasing new, renting is another option. Rent  A Moving Box is a well-known and reliable company where you can rent environment-friendly moving boxes in San Diego County, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

Utilize Eco-Friendly Packing Supply

Did you know that you are already surrounded by packing materials? Apart from packing peanuts and bubble wrap, you can also utilize egg cartons, newspaper, towels, and blanket to wrap your fragile items. When you are planning to buy padding, select for recyclable packing paper, reusable pads and specially labeled biodegradable peanuts and bubble wrap.

Opt For The Right Transportation

For a green move, it is so important to use an eco-friendly transportation. Nowadays, the awareness toward green moving is increasing; thus, more companies start to adopt zero emission approach. Most green moving companies are now providing rental trucks which utilize cleaner biodiesel fuel.

If you are moving to a far place, make sure that you’ll pack your thing in a specific compartmentalize truck along with the mover. Otherwise known as consolidated shipping, it’s a good way to eliminate the carbon footprint that your move may potentially generate. Transporting your stuff through train is a great idea too.

Make Everything Organized

Before packing consider things should be organized before being placed into a box for moving. Separate things accordingly, especially the glassware, appliances, and personal things. By doing so, it would be easy for you instruct the movers you hired to carry the boxes containing the important materials. When you rent moving boxes you also get labels so you can clearly label and organize your belongings.

Place the materials properly inside the box.  Make sure that you will put the materials inside the box properly and carefully. Organize them all inside the box and make sure that they will fill the space that the box has. It is then to avoid disorganizing of the materials inside the box during the time of traveling together with the box. Those similar items which have no longer space to take can make use of another box and mix the materials that can be mixed with them inside.

Moreover, you should put a label on moving boxes. Never ignore the power of labeling the entire box. It is important for you to put the label so that it would be easy to determine what’s inside the box or who owns the box or the materials inside it. This is the best way to avoid confusion and safety as well for the materials to avoid breakage or damaging it by the improper or careless carrying of the box.

Final thoughts

Admit it or not, few changes on the way you prepare for a house move could make a huge difference in keeping a greener and cleaner surroundings. With the above-mentioned tips, you can greatly contribute towards a standard case of eco-friendly moving.

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