5 Reasons Why Reusable Moving Boxes Are Better Than Cardboard Moving Boxes

Gone are the days of dumpster diving for cardboard boxes. There is a new box in town – It’s rentable, recyclable, and stress free.

Rent A Moving Box offers reusable moving boxes that are delivered to your home or office. It’s simple – find the package that best suits your needs, we deliver, you pack and move and we pick them up.

Here are 5 reasons why rental moving boxes are better than cardboard moving boxes:

1. It’s good for the earth- It’s no secret that cardboard boxes fill up landfills daily. Why not try to reduce your carbon footprint by renting reusable moving crates? With our crates, you are doing your part by using an eco friendly product that can be reused hundreds of times.

2. No more packing tape and no more building cardboard boxes- If you hate packing tape half as much as I do, Rent A Moving Box is a no brainer. You see, all of our crates lids interlock and NO packing tape is required. How long would you say it take you to build 40 cardboard boxes and break them all down when you’re done and then find a new home for them? Well, those days are long gone. With Rent A Moving Box crates, there is no need to ever build a cardboard box again! We pick them up when you are all done so no need to break them down or find a new home (aka The dumpster). It’s moving made simple!

3. Less stress – It’s a fact that moving is one of the most stressful life events a person can have. So, why not make the choice to reduce as much stress as possible during a move? Not only do you get our awesome reusable crates but we deliver everything to you, even moving supplies! And the icing on the cake, we pick them up when you are all done. It’s really a life hack!

4. Time and money saver – We all know moving can be time consuming and expensive. From driving around town and buying all the moving supplies, to hiring local movers and professional packers, the tab for the move is getting really high, really fast. Let Rent A Moving Box save you the time and hassle all while keep your moving costs down. Rent A Moving Box will deliver all the supplies you need, and pick them up too. Cutting out the hassle of driving around town looking for the right size cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. Because our crates stack and come with dollies to roll them on, that moving bill is going to be cut in half because you have made the movers lives much easier. It’s going to take them half as long loading all of those precious items which in turn gives you a lower moving bill.

5. Encourages you to unpack quicker – As a veteran mover I will be the first person to tell you that with every move some of my belongings sit in a box for months. In fact, I am still pulling stuff out of boxes after we moved a year ago. With cardboard boxes there is no sense of urgency to unpack all of your belongings. With renting crates, you know you need to return in a somewhat timely manner. This was you are encouraged to unpack your items and give the crates back! Your home will feel like home a lot sooner!

Have questions or want to book our crates for your next move? Give us a call at 949-444-2744 or visit out website at www.RentAMovingBox.com. We service all of Southern California and no job is too big or too small.

Most Expensive Home Hits The Market in LA – $250 Million

You read that correctly, $250 Million big ones. This Bel Air Spec home has it all!

With a 280-degree view of Los Angeles, you cant help but think that this is the “million dollar view”. Well, in all honestly, its going to cost you a lot more than a million dollars. Turns out this particular view is a tad more expensive.

This 38,000 square foot home has 4 levels 12 bedrooms, 21 baths, seven staffers, three gourmet kitchens, five bars, two commercial elevators, a massage studio/wellness spa, a fitness center and a James Bond-themed, 40-seat Dolby Theatre. What do you even do with 21 bathrooms? The main deck has an 85 foot Italian glass infinity pool with a view like you’ve never seen. It even boasts a hydraulic theater-sized screen at the flip of a switch. 

Below the main deck is an auto gallery with more that $30 million in cars that include a baby Formula 1, Lamborghini’s, Ferraris and Bentleys.

Next to the bowling alley there is a $200,000 candy wall that would blow Willy Wonka out of the water. Don’t forget a landing pad for your helicopter and Chanel bedding.

Are you ready to move to Bel-Air? Cash or check is accepted.

Creative Backyard Gardening Using Recycled Container

Nowadays, they say gardening has become popular even to those people in the millennial age. According to the National Gardening Survey, the retail market in gardening boomed to $36.1 billion in 2015 after a five-year low spending in 2014. That’s an average of $401 per household in 2015 as compared to the $317 in 2014.

Industry analyst Bruce Butterfield said that the participation in gardening did not even decline that much during the economic downturn. From the results of the survey, people who participated in gardening are those who usually range from 18 to 34 years old. While gardening can be interesting and sustainable, you might have to spend a hefty amount of cash for the gardening tools. Fortunately, you can do something to cut down your expenses through recycling.

Benefits of Gardening

Plastic is everywhere and is a typical material used in our everyday lives. In fact, it is part of the widespread problem of pollution. Aside from giving you practical ways to save money from buying expensive gardening tools, recycling also encourages you to work on your creativity. Furthermore, relaxing and enjoying the view of your garden is a good way to spend your leisure time.

Hanging Planters and Vertical Gardening

Using recycled containers for your garden is a great idea! If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can always recycle things that you can find in your home. Anything that you have discarded but are still useful can be a good material for your DIY projects. Plastic containers are best examples. Here are two excellent ideas for you to try!

  1. Hanging Planters

Hanging planters is not only a good decoration for your garden, but it can also help you save space. It doesn’t require a landing space and may also serve as an amazing room or wall art. There are many styles and ways to hang your plants. Start with these simple steps:

  • Gather your materials such as recycled containers, string, plant, soil, etc.
  • Cut the string into 8 equal lengths of 24 inches.
  • Knot one end of the strings together, and divide the 8 strings into 4 pairs. The knot at the end will be your base.
  • Knot each pair about 3 inches starting from the base.
  • Take two strings (this time from left and right) and pair them. Repeat the process until you make diamond shapes with the knots and complete the circle.
  • Place your planter or pot inside the strings.
  • Create rows of knots according to the size of your pot or planter.
  • Put the soil and plant.
  1. Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is another alternative way to save space or to cover an unattractive wall. Follow the steps below:

  • Consider where to place your plants. Make sure the plants will have enough sunlight, depending on the type of plant.
  • Prepare the plant beforehand by establishing the plant’s roots using a recycled container. Allow the plants to horizontally grow for a few weeks until the roots have been established, and the soil is in place.
  • After a few weeks, you can slowly elevate the container to a vertical position or mount the container’s bottom on the wall.

However, before you use plastic containers for your garden, you have to make sure that these plastic containers are not harmful. Some plastics are not safe to use because of the toxic chemicals that may be absorbed by the soil. Hence, it is recommended to use eco-friendly plastic containers.

How to Choose Safe Plastic Containers for Your Backyard Garden

No matter how beautiful the containers are if they are contaminated with harmful and toxic chemicals, your dream of successfully growing your plants will not be realized. Hence, in this section, you’ll discover some useful tips on how to choose safe plastic containers for your backyard garden.

  • Check the type of plastic that you want to use as your planters. There are seven types of plastics, and the best one to use is the HDPE type. This plastic type is safe to use as containers for food consumption; hence, you can infer that it is non-toxic. It also resists UV rays and has heat resistant property.
  • Recycle those food containers or eco-friendly moving boxes rather than buying new ones from the store. This will help you cut your expenses. Moreover, you can guarantee that the plastic containers used for your plants are 100% toxic free.
  • Choose reflective plastics as planters as they tend to attract fewer insects, keeping your plants safe from harmful pests.


Recycling Different Types of Plastics- Explained!

Plastic is an inexpensive material that offers many different uses; thus, it became a need for most human beings. Alongside this fact, plastic has also become a primary means of pollution. Some of the threatening effects of plastic are the formation of mountains of garbage, as well as various micro beads problems. We can alleviate such problems through recycling; however, a lot of us still lack the knowledge on the correct process of recycling different types of plastic.

In order to efficiently recycle plastic, we have to keep in mind two important things- the type of plastic and the proper way of recycling such type.

Plastic No. 1- Polyethylene Terephthalate, PET

This is considered as the most common type of plastic, and it is also deemed as the easiest to recycle. Plastics labeled with number 1 include water bottles, soda bottles, as well as other typical product containers. Most recycling facilities convert these plastics as fiberfill for sleeping bags, life jackets, and coats. PET containers can also be recycled to ropes, beanbags, furniture, and combs. However, number 1 bottles should not be used as reusable bottles.

Plastic No. 2- High- Density Polyethylene Plastics, HDPE

Plastics labeled number 2 include containers that are usually heavier.  This type can hold milk, shampoo, laundry detergents and motor oil. These HDPE containers can be recycled into ropes, toys, and containers for other solids and inedible liquid.

Plastic No. 3- Vinyl, V

Polyvinyl chloride, or Vinyl, in short, is usually used in shower curtains, dashboards, plastic pipe, and medical tubing. These items labeled number 3 can be recycled into window frames, vinyl flooring, and piping.

Plastic No. 4- Low-Density Polyethylene, LDPE

Plastics categorized as number 4 or LDPE are usually made into flexible and thin materials like wrapping films, cling wraps, sandwich, grocery bags, as well as other packaging materials. These items can be recycled into storage bags and are really helpful, especially if you are moving or traveling. When brought to recycling facilities, they can be recycled into other materials, usually for packaging.

Plastic No. 5- Polypropylene, PP

Food containers, strong storage boxes as well as moving boxes are included in the plastic no. 5 group. They are made of Polypropylene, which when processed well is sturdy enough to hold various items. Plastic caps, plastic furniture, and other durable containers can be made when these plastics are recycled.

Plastic No. 6- Polystyrene, PS

If you are familiar with the so-called Styrofoam, then this type of plastic is a member of the number 6 group. Items like disposable cutlery, coffee cups, packing materials, and insulation plus meat trays are included in the PS family. When reprocessed, these materials can be converted into a rigid insulation. However, other materials, especially those that are foamy in quality can accumulate dirt and various contaminants. Therefore, they just end up being thrown away. This is the reason a lot of people are turning away from Styrofoam nowadays.

Plastic No. 7- Others

The items labeled number 7 are materials that are very difficult to recycle. Most of the time, they are the combination of the abovementioned types. Since they undergo a lot of processes and take a long time to recycle, they often end up in the trash or repurposed into other use.

Aware of the current condition of the environment, a lot of people are creating advocacies for recycling. Businesses are also turning towards the green movement and are offering better solutions that are both consumer and environment-friendly.

One great example is when you are traveling or moving from one location to another, you will needs lots of packaging materials. So, in order to help nature lessen pollution made by plastics or even cutting trees, you can opt for eco-friendly moving boxes for your packaging needs. Rent A Moving Box offers an easier, more affordable, and greener option if you are moving. They offer moving boxes in orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego that are ready to be delivered to your doorsteps. Moving with these boxes is a lot easier as they hold and stack better. As soon as you have moved to your new location, they will pick up the empty boxes for you.


Seven Fun Places To Visit in San Diego

Traveling for a family trip or summer vacation anytime soon? San Diego is the place to go. A city radiating with so much history and culture, what’s not to love about this city in the Orange County? With its great weather, scenic beaches, and major attractions, San Diego is known as one of the world’s best tourist destinations. From historical tours to relaxing walks by the beach, the following sites are your must go-to in San Diego:

USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway Museum will definitely give you the experience of a floating “city at sea.” Visitors to the USS Midway get to spend a day exploring the 60 exhibits aboard and its collection of 29 restored aircraft. A self-guided audio tour will see you through in exploring the galleys and quarters of this majestic 69,000-ton ship. The USS Midway Museum will surely be an adventure to both the young and adults alike.

San Diego Zoo

Step into the wild in San Diego Zoo, another must-see place in the city and an icon for nearly a hundred years since it was founded on 1916.  There’s just so much for you to do and enjoy such as a guided tour on a double-decker bus or aboard the Skyfari Aerial Tram. Experience the wild in San Diego Zoo while being surrounded by Asian leopards, gorillas, rare reptiles, eagles, and a wide array of colorful birds in their beautiful habitat. The San Diego Zoo is at the heart of the city, an experience that should not be missed.

SeaWorld San Diego

Experience exhilarating water rides and roller coasters and get up close to a variety of aquatic animals and more at SeaWorld San Diego. You can go diving at their Explorer’s Reef or watch awe-inspiring shows featuring killer whales, dolphins, and sea lions among a dozen more attractions. With a restaurant that offers fresh California cuisine and a beautiful park, which is situated in the scenic area of Mission Bay, SeaWorld is a top-rated, all-age attraction, and a must-see for all tourists.

La Jolla Cove

Where the water is calm, and the cove is ecologically protected, San Diego’s La Jolla Cove is the most desirable spot for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Here can also be found a famous diving site for anyone fond of underwater explorations and other activities like swimming and kayaking. A picturesque destination, your time spent while feeling the breeze and the sun in La Jolla Cove is nothing short of awesome.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

A 2,000-acre coastal state park located in the community of La Jolla, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a good place for anyone to rest at the stunning overlooks, go hiking, or to exercise in a clean, beautiful environment. In a world where technological advances and modernization is the trend, people get to have their peace at the sight of the unadulterated beauty of nature in Torrey Pines.

Maritime Museum of San Diego

If USS Midway Museum left you wanting for more, see and experience more of this floating compilation of adventure and history in Maritime Museum of San Diego. This museum gives you the feeling of traveling back in time to witness the finest collections of historic sea vessels in their splendor. This is your chance to explore various ships and submarines. It is indeed an impressive showcase of permanent and temporary exhibits of art, maritime history, commerce, and exploration. As what they say, there is no better way to spend the day than on the bay!

San Diego Comic-Con Festival

To any fantasy, comic, movie, animation, science fiction, and iconic superhero fans out there, Comic Con festivals at the San Diego Convention Center is a dream come true. Launched in 1970, today it has over 100,000 enthusiastic fans that show up to mingle with their favorite graphic novelists and get autographs from TV or movie stars. Comic Con features exclusive film previews and interactive workshops that keep people buzzing with excitement. Comic Con fans attend this annual event in elaborate costumes of their favorite comic superhero.

If you want a staycation that is worth every time and money spent, then these seven places are a must-see. San Diego is indeed a fun place to stay; hence, it is not at all surprising why more and more people are crowding the city.

Moving to San Diego anytime soon? Make your move to San Diego less of a hassle by going green with Rent A Moving Box.