7 Creative Ways to Reuse Moving Boxes After Your Move

Moving is a hassle thing to do, especially when you have lots of things to pack and move. You have to sort your things to pack them in the same moving box, and of course, you have to remember all these things that are placed inside the same box to avoid crashing lighter things with heavier ones. Above all these things to worry about is the problem ‘what should you do with moving boxes after your move’?  

Rent a Moving Box offers reusable and eco-friendly moving boxes. This company is one of the best places to rent or buy eco-friendly moving boxes in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego County. When you move, it is important to have durable moving boxes to secure your things. Therefore, you may opt to have the plastic moving boxes.

Since our natural resources in the present times are already depleting, it is essential to apply the 3Rs – Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. We have to reuse the things that still can be reused, or we may sort to recycling them to reduce wastes that are prime reasons of pollution in our environment. Therefore we have to choose reusable moving boxes since these are eco-friendly and very efficient. Now, how are we going to reuse these boxes after we’ve moved?

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are very useful in keeping your things that you do not use every day, those things that you only use during occasions like Christmas and Halloween decorations, your books if you don’t have a library yet or your entire books do not fit your library, clothes seasonal clothes like winter coats and summer bikinis, and even devices that you do not use anymore. Just always remember to label your storage boxes to keep your things organized.

Desktop Organizers

One way of reusing your boxes after you’ve moved is to make them as desktop organizers. These are very essential in organizing your things on the desk. You may add a personal touch by customizing your desktop organizers.

Belted Storage Totes

If you think plain storage boxes are boring, add a twist into it by making belted storage totes. You may use materials that you already have in making this.

Playhouse for Kids

Your boxes might be the key to give your children more fun with the DIY playhouses for kids. Your plain boxes will turn into a world of fantasy for your kids. You may choose any desired playhouse designs, or you may create your very own design.

Decorative Letter Cuttings

You may cut letters from your cardboard moving boxes and decorate them with artificial flowers, yarns, or any available accessories that you have in your house. You may choose to have your letter small or big. You may decorate these letters on the walls of your bedroom or in the living room where your visitors can see them. It is so easy to make this.

Geometric Cardboard Lamp

Turn your dull, boring boxes into a geometric cardboard lamp. You only need a pair of scissors or cutter, of course, your box, and a light bulb. Just follow the simple steps to achieve this adorable cardboard lamp.

Mini Greenhouse

Rent a Moving Box does not only offer green packing supplies. They also rent or sell plastic moving boxes. If you prefer to use them in moving, then, don’t worry since these boxes might help you in building your greenhouse. You just have to keep them open and place your seedlings inside the plastic box. This serves as a mini greenhouse.


Forget all the hassles and worries that you had during your move. Sparkle up things with these seven creative ideas to reuse your moving boxes after you have moved.  Instead of throwing them away, why not use them over and over again, or add a touch to recycle them beautifully. By doing so, you were able to organize and beautify your place, and you’ve even help restore Mother Nature. Doing these may also serve as a bonding time with your kids or your loved ones.